Mobile Yacht Club

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Thursday Night Fun Race


$1.00 off house wine
$1.50 Bud and Bud Light cans

Mobile Yacht Club Thursday Night Fun Race


1. Membership in Mobile Yacht Club is not required to participate.
Membership in a recognized area sailing organization is required.

2. No Spinnakers, Staysails, Bloopers, Drifters, Double headsails
(e.g. twin luffs or jib and staysail combination), “pole less”
downwind or reaching sails, or any other sail that does not fasten
to the head stay for its entire luff are allowed.

3. Headsail changes during the race ARE allowed.

4. Race are automatically called on time at 2100 hrs (9:00 p.m.) and any
boat finishing after that time limit will not be counted as finishing.

5. GYA-PHRF ratings are used for the start time computation. If a
yacht does not have a GYA-PHRF rating, the Race Committee
will determine her eligibility. A yacht for which such certificate
has not been obtained may be assigned a rating by the Race
Committee by referencing similar boats within the GYA, which
have been assigned a PHRF rating. “Bermuda “start
computations are used to determine starting times, where the
handicap is assessed at the start.

6. A fifteen (15) second penalty is assessed to a yacht after her first
WIN. A six (6) second penalty is assessed for each subsequent win.
A second place finisher will be assessed a three (3) second penalty
after each such finish. The penalty is applied by reducing the
PHRF rating by the number of penalty seconds (e.g. a PHRF
rating of 132 with its initial first place finish becomes 117, a
subsequent first would reduce the rating to 111).

7. No protests will be heard; however a yacht is expected to
withdraw if guilty of a rule infraction. The current edition of U.S.
Sailing published yacht racing rule is in effect. If you are guilty
an infraction or just being stupid admit it, this is for fun.

8. The Clock at the Mobile Yacht Club bar is the official time.

9. A minimum of five (5) qualified boats, which actually start the
race, will be required to score that race.

10. It will be the skipper’s responsibility to register his boat prior to
the race and record his/her finish time and position after the race.
Failure to record his/her finish time and position will result in no
score (0). A boat not signed up prior to starting will not be
qualified to be scored.

11.Prizes will be awarded to the winning boats the first race of the
follow year.

12.The course will be the same each week of the series and is as

13. Scoring for the series will be determined by a high point system
with points awarded for finishing position in each race. The
scoring will take the average of the number of boats racing each
Thursday though out the series. Points for First will be the
average. Second will be one less the average. Third will be two less
the average and we be scored for Five places. Ties will be broken
by the number of First, Seconds, Thirds, Fourths and Fifths the
skipper has beaten the other skipper(s). The Skipper shall have
applied all penalties for finishes he/she has accumulates
throughout the series.

Mobile Yacht Club Thursday Night Race Start Times

Mobile Yacht Club Thursday Night Race starting times have been moved up to help your crew find the marks for the first few races. Starting times March 17th through April 7th will be moved up twenty (20) minutes from the times in the book.